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The African American Cultural Center of the Capital Region, Inc.

The African American Cultural Center of the Capital Region, Inc. (AACCCR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. BlueLight currently manages the historic renovation of AACCCR's approximately 4,500 square foot building in Albany, NY. A brief summary of BlueLight's strategic accomplishments are detailed below.

Realizing A Vision

BlueLight's purpose-driven design approach allowed AACCCR to realize their vision of a multi-purpose space with efficient resource allocation.

BlueLight provided scaled renderings of our client-informed design under strict time constraints in a presentation ready format.

Creating Value

BlueLight's logistical support bolstered the strength of AACCCR's project execution; deftly navigating fundraising deadlines and management logistics.

BlueLight leveraged AACCCR's vision and our expertise to generate $15,000 of savings in RISE: Phase I. 

Building Connections

BlueLight fortified AACCCR's various institutional relationships using actively managed channels of communication. 

BlueLight leveraged our diverse network of contacts to create synergistic AACCCR partnerships.

Design Renderings


Angela D. O'Neal

Former AACCCR Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the AACCCR, my goal is to enhance our programs while providing our community with a welcoming experience, unique programming and exceptional performances. This is quite a task, given our historic building needs to be restored in order to achieve our vision for the Center. But, my dream was further realized upon meeting Travon T. Jackson a year ago. He attended my welcome reception last January and understood my need to have a building ready to accommodate people of all ages in order to create an environment rich with cultural history and blended with a space large enough to host all of our enthusiastic members. In only a few short weeks, Travon drafted a “work of art” which captured my vision.


It is a privilege to work with the BlueLight Development Group, and I am confident that with Travon’s guidance and expertise, the signature of the African American Cultural Center of the Capital Region will echo the halls of Albany, as our commitment in sharing the journey and triumphs of our African American ancestors will highlight our ability to have created history as the first African American Cultural Center in Albany, New York!


Angela D. O’Neal

Executive Director

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